The creation of the world is a painful process…How do I know that? One can say: I feel it. When your child is only getting ready to launch the first cry when it begins to feel something separate, you feel how the relationship is spoiling with it. It is always nice to observe the evolvement, the universe does not tolerate zero velocities: time, matter, desire, everything either destroys or dies.

The permanent metamorphosis captivate us with their peaks: the filling, emptying of the existence boarders, without which is boring, however there is a limit …
Oh yeah, I saw how this world was destroyed … All that has ever happened to it is not forgotten. In vain, in vain you think that your deeds will remain only in the memory of descendants, or disappear for good, it is not so. When the very essence of the universe is tired to tolerate and stash it will explode, it will clear itself.

We thought that the prophecies and predictions mean nothing, just beautiful stories. Yes, canon apocalypse has little truth, but there is a reasonable grain in it. Anyone who was allowed to look over the edge and see the mystery of death, saw it, but did not understand. Any act, whether it is “good” or “bad”, in its usual sense, leaves a trace on the canvas of time. Unfortunately, it has some flaws.


Our world is tired, it begins to fight. The space in it is getting less, the pressure is getting stronger. The first essences have escaped, as all you are the witnesses of the 21st century, one can no longer deny anomalous. The funny thing is what was at first taken for the chaotic destruction, actually turned out to restore the order … Who would have ever thought that everything that surrounds us, everything that we have created is systemic. The symbiosis of thought and matter: cities, planets, galaxies, everything is endowed with the ability of self-regulation. And if we add to the existing what was created in the past, but did not survive: temples, sacrificial pits, places of worship. These ganglias of the universe turned out to be the weakest, they are tired of the “violence” over themselves, and are now creating in the world the most sophisticated entities that will impose “order”. Probably they will destroy everything that can create. Nobody says that consistency is good.

In this story, it is interesting that the weak, long-forgotten forces have suddenly got the inaccessible to them might. All that was only a memory has become a reality. Take a look and you will understand, recognize and you will frighten. It’s your turn to choose the side. Ephemeral good or concentrated evil, ordered chaos or random order … All the cards are in your hands, do not miss your chance.

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