What can you tell us about the “trivial” wars, General Flynn?
Oh … how long are you going to ask the same questions. I can’t announce anything new! Only publicly available information. Remember, during the time of “great delusion”? We did not believe: gadgets, worldwide network, total surveillance, it was impossible to escape, faking something was unreal. It was then when the first suppositions appeared: wonderful people, strange animal behavior, sometimes even fucking machines behaved strangely. The sectarians, as we learned later, mono color ministers, gathered and held their macabre rituals. At the time of total freedom you do not pay attention to the behavior of others. Have fun as you wish, a lot of perversions have been created during the recent years. Ahem, sorry.
But then the weakest started to disappear: clairvoyants, psychics, those who lived on the edge of the worlds and clumsily thinned the defense of world. No wonder that these forces so long looked for freedom and accumulated, tried to find the easiest way to break through.

Increasingly, the presence of other creatures in our universe is appearing. Right after this a series of small wars began. The undetermined groups held their shows in completely random places. Cemeteries, prisons, ruins, sometimes even in the woods or on the fields. Yes, sideways it looked like colorful presentations, they retracted more people. “Take one of the sides, plunge into nirvana, fight with your opponents and just believe in victory.” Ugh, what banal slogans, who knew that it was really a war, who could have thought that the people, or rather their faith is a tool in the hands of forces beyond our control. The creatures that appear at the places of the spectacle surprised nobody. Did someone want to dress up a snowman or a brownie? You are welcome! Over the time, the masquerade was replaced, the strange images blurred the line between humans and monsters. The degree of their dissimilarity increased in proportion to the duration of the chaos and depravity, because we got used to everything, drawn and did not pay attention. 

But there are limits. Trisfilskoe field, 34,000 corpses. The lake of blood on a beautiful, frosted grassy plain and there is she on it in black armor and a sword in her hand. The first awakened broke into our world and collected its harvest. What a pity that only then we realized what purposes did we persecute and whom did we help to get into our world.

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